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From Crespadoro to Marana and back

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Where is


Via Roma, 58, 36070 Crespadoro VI, Italia (335m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The meeting is in the square of Crespadoro. Armed with boots, we will take a few steps back in time, when moving from one town to another meant loading one's burden on one's shoulders and setting out on the road. Today we will have the experience of seeing the different districts parading not from the window, but under our soles. The paved road takes us uphill until we reach contrada Ferrari, following the mid-mountain signs marked in red. Past the contrada we cross the municipal road for a few meters and head toward contrada Corte and then Meceneri.

Why it is special

So small and collected, the contrade give a feeling of familiarity even if it is the first time you pass through. They make you feel at home, and each time they appear to you by surprise after your eyes had grown accustomed to the vegetation that surrounded you until just before. It feels like playing hide-and-seek. The view sweeps over the crown of mountains that closes the upper valley as we slowly climb through dirt roads and trails. Arriving at contrada Perli, an oasis of peace and tranquility, we leave the signs that have accompanied us so far to continue toward the locality "motto del Zancon" clearly visible on the other side of the valley.

Not to be missed

A quick and rapid descent to then climb back up the other side brings us to the cross to admire an unexpected view: the Chiampo Valley winds below us following the stream and, behind us, the view sweeps over the mountains that frame the hamlets. We leave the cross behind us and climb toward our intended destination. At the end of the climb we cross the municipal road coming from Campodalbero and, keeping to the right, we head toward the center of Marana. After admiring the view from the pleasant balcony overlooking the valley we return to Crespadoro.

A bit of history

Did you know that a walk can turn into a history and anthropology lesson? As we walk along roads and trails, in fact, we cannot help but reflect on man's impact on the environment, and how it has evolved over the centuries. At first it was just tracks, like a trail in the woods. Then came the time to try to work and demarcate the land. That's when hands gradually became more skilled in building the stone walls we still see today. And finally, the asphalt of the fast roads. All this blends into our walk, which we could almost call a walk between the ages.


One of the greatest pleasures of walking is the sense of absolute freedom. For example, to return to Crespadoro, there are plenty of options, all we have to do is figure out what we like best, whether the municipal road down to the valley taking advantage of the countless shortcuts we encounter, or redo the outward route.

da-crespadoro-a-marana-e-ritorno Crespadoro - Ph: Paolo Ferrari Source.

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Just over 10 km total. Medium difficulty, can also be done by mtb if you are somewhat experienced.