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The Tiber from Todi to the Eternal City - 3 DI 7

From Baschi to the WWF Oasis of Alviano

In search of silence, where the river gives itself a break

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H7W4+F3 Alviano TR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Baschi, the Umbrian village bearing witness to the past

The third leg of our descent along the Tiber begins in the village of Baschi. Lying 165 meters above sea level, it is probably of Etruscan origin with strong Roman influences. Its name would derive from the Latin vasculum, which has the meaning of basin. This term seems to refer to the conformation of the surrounding land, which has numerous depressions along the course of the river.

The medieval village is perfectly preserved is also worth a visit to the Antiquarium Archeological Museum, which preserves many artifacts in Scoppieto, evidence of ancient trade along the Tiber river route. As in the past, we now take up the side of the river, or place our canoe in the water, and proceed on our descent to Alviano, the destination of this third day.

Discesa del TevereDirection of Lake Alviano, by paddle.

An oasis of peace and silence

On foot, by bicycle, or by paddle stroke, we reach Lake Alviano, a protected WWF Oasis. Here the river subsides and the water, interrupted by a dam, widens and is blocked by nature among beautiful and inaccessible reeds, rushes and clumps of yellow irises.

The Lake is no more than 30 cm deep and its waters are clear, clean and teeming with life. It is surrounded by more than a hundred hectares of hygrophilous forest-a perfect habitat and a vital stopover for many waterfowl, as well as for the numerous amphibians that, along with fish, are the food source of a rich avifauna.

MignattaioBeautiful specimen of Grey Heron, "captured" by the lens in the Alviano Oasis

You can easily explore the Oasis thanks to the walkways and walkways on the water: very impressive are the watchtowers from where you can also admire the many nests in the many artificial islands in the center of the lake. It will be the silence that will win you over, a rare gem that makes this place magical and wonderful. Dispassionate advice: admire nature at sunset when the water, in a clever play of contrasts and light, gives breathtaking scenery!

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