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The Tiber from Todi to the Eternal City - 5 DI 7

From Attigliano to Civita Castellana, via Orte.

In the Latian soul of the Tiber

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01033 Civita Castellana VT, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Toward secret Lazio

Our journey resumes from the Umbrian village of Attigliano with a stop through unspoiled landscapes that lead us to a fascinating and unusual Lazio. All lovers of nature and outdoor sports will be able to admire, step by step, an area that, although a short distance from Rome, has remained completely removed from the hectic metropolitan pace.

The many historical and natural attractions are visible to the naked eye: as we proceed southward we see the Amerini Mountains and their breathtaking landscape receding, with villages springing up homogeneous and proud, dominating the Tiber Valley. This is a land of saints and brigands, of stories and condottieri who, never losing sight of the flow of the Tiber River, moved slowly through these paths.

Fiume TevereThe music that accompanies us along the way

The village that rises from the earth

In a short time we arrive at the Latium village of Orte: the historic center is well preserved and has as its nerve center Piazza della Libertà: a place of meeting and celebration for all the inhabitants. The village is a marvelous, with its dense web of alleys and small squares, gates and windows adorned with flowers and many spectacular viewpoints over the Tiber Valley.

Getting back on the road to the south, we pick up, as a reference, the Tiber River: by bike or on foot, the route is gentle, interspersed with small ups and downs, perfect for small breaks to take photos, pick wild asparagus or wildflowers. The stage is also passable by canoe or sup with detours to valuable nature areas.

OrteArrival at the village of Orte

Sister regions

Here Lazio and Umbria touch each other, exchange, accompany us by giving each other a symbolic relay, as if to tell us that the territorial fence is only a formality and that the two territories coexist in perfect harmony. Thus we arrive at another village of rare beauty: Civita Castellana. Unmissable, beautiful in its urban fabric and marvelous thanks to its terraces overlooking the Tiber Valley.

It is no coincidence that Civita Castellana was one of the stops on the Grand Tour, the long journey through continental Europe made by the youth of the European aristocracy beginning in the 17th century. A worthy destination for our fifth day of adventure!

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Straddling Umbria and Lazio, following the path of the Tiber River, discovering two authentic villages of Italy: Orte and Civita Castellana are two jewels between sense of community and illustrious "tourists" from the past...


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