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CVTà Street Fest

But wasn't Civitacampomarano a medieval village!

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Where is


Via G. Pepe, 28, 86030 Civitacampomarano CB, Italia (489m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Yes, it was and is. The tiny streets and small, simple houses contrast and counterbalance the mighty mass of the castle around which they grew. There is something strange, though: on the walls and in the streets are murals and art installations, definitely not medieval. The idea of the Pro Loco was not to return to the past to consolidate the present, but to catapult the entire village into contemporaneity and innovation. Thus was born the street art festival that brings back life, soul and color on the walls and doors of now abandoned buildings.

Why it's special

Artists from all over the world are called upon each year to leave their mark. Walls of abandoned but now also inhabited houses are offered by the owners to ensure the best views. Here then, shapes and colors reinterpret in a contemporary way the memories and soul of the inhabitants of the small village. Walking through the streets during the festival, one witnesses the creation of new works, admires those from past editions, and experiences the lives of those who were born and raised here, all accompanied by concerts and film screenings in the street. A total immersion in art and life.

Not to be missed

What have I not mentioned that absolutely cannot be missed in a self-respecting festival? That's right, street food! In this case, it's really a must-see aspect, because it has nothing to do with commonly understood street food. Away with the street stalls, sandwiches and fried food. Here the food offerings originate directly in the kitchens of the citizens, and it is not she who will go out, but you who will come in. Yes, sirs. You will be warmly invited to share the kitchen and the table with the residents. Workshops will also be organized to teach you how to prepare traditional dishes, such as Cielli and Cavatelli.

A bit of history

All it took was an email from the Pro Loco to Alice Pasquini, an artist, to kick off the project. Taking inspiration from vintage photographs, Alice brought the past to the surface on the walls of the village. Hence the idea to turn the experience into an event, which is repeated every year attracting numerous visitors. Well-known artists are invited, the population is involved, and new life is brought to a small town that struggles with depopulation and natural difficulties. Indeed, the village has suffered from earthquake, frost and a landslide, but it fights with all the enthusiasm and strength of the festival to strengthen itself and flourish again.


One of the festival's events is called Osteria Games in the Square. It involves re-enacting traditional games, particularly Passatella, which boasts ancient origins, so much so that it dates back to Ancient Rome. It simply involves picking out an unfortunate person and preventing him or her for the entire evening from touching a single drop of wine or other slightly alcoholic beverage, purely to tease and amuse behind his or her back. Described even by Horace and Cato, it has remained an integral part of village life and customs to this day.

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Alessandra Lana

I came across the website of this event and it was love at first sight. Partly because of the colors, partly because of the happy, participating, contented faces of the people, partly because of the brilliance of some of the projects.... well, I can't wait to go!


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