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Let's create the community of the Great Tracture together.

From Apulia to Abruzzo (or vice versa), an active map to give voice to the king of the sheep tracks!

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Foggia FG, Italia (381m s.l.m.)


From time immemorial there have been trails that cover long distances discreetly, without demanding that roads be built or buildings erected for their existence. They are paths, traces, but above all habits as old as the people who inhabit these territories of central and southern Italy: they are the tratturi, the ancient routes of transhumance, beaten year after year by shepherds with their animals, in a cycle that finds the perfect balance between economy and nature. Between Puglia, Molise and Abruzzo, and more precisely between Foggia and L'Aquila, runs the 244-kilometer Tratturo Magno, also known as Tratturo Re or Regio Tratturo: the longest sheep-track in Italy.

Call to Action: let's rebuild the old transhumant trail

Our ambitious project has only one goal: to create together the community of the Tratturo Magno: a living map where the communities and people who live and operate along the ancient transhumance trail can be protagonists: where they can tell about their territory from the inside and network, turning into welcoming communities to share the experience of their land and their identity with the travelers who slowly cross it.

From the customs of Foggia to Collemaggio!

While generally the routes of the Tratturo Magno start from Abruzzo to arrive in Puglia, our Call to Action intends instead to recompose the route starting from the Foggia customs house and going up north. The motivation is quickly said: in the past in Apulia, the Tratturo Magno was traveled to "take flocks and livestock to the heights" and defend them from the sultriness of the summer months. We have the ambition to retrace the tratturo at precisely the same time as the Apulian transhumants, in late spring, step-by-step, all the way to Collemaggio.

We create the map of local communities

The first adventure to be undertaken is precisely the construction of the Map to tell the identity of the territory. We have begun to compose it, but now we leave space for you, who love and live this territory on a daily basis. In the Map everyone can present himself and his specialties, can propose experiences and tell the Wonders of the natural, artistic and cultural heritage of his territory. Everyone can participate: guides, students, municipalities and pro loco, cultural and sports associations... active in the area along the Tratturo Magno or in the immediate vicinity. Open the doors of your world to us!

To participate

Download the Call to Action HERE and start telling and involving friends... We look forward to discovering and letting people discover the Wonders of your land! The Tratturo Magno project is an initiative of SIMTUR (National Association of Soft Mobility and Sustainable Tourism Professionals) to share visions of sustainable development and responsible tourism through a "map of wonders" created from the bottom up and open to all.

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I asked myself: what can I do for this beautiful land of mine? Here's the answer: a big collective map that makes people discover places, people, experiences and knowledge along the way.

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