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Corbara, village on the lake

A panoramic terrace over waters and vineyards

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05018 Corbara TR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Corbara, a tiny village of just over 100 inhabitants, stands on the banks of the Tiber and the lake to which it gives its name. The ancient village is charming, dominated by the castle at the highest part of the town. It is a fortified medieval complex with a rectangular plan and an inner courtyard, a loggia and a circular tower, surrounded by centuries-old oak trees.

Why it is special

It is above all the naturalistic context that makes this village special: Lake Corbara, formed in 1962 with the construction of a dam, is part of the Tiber River Park and is a destination for active and nature-based tourism. There are several sports that can be practiced in this small part of Umbria: canyoning, canoeing, sport fishing, caving in the Grotta Bella or the Grotta della Piana... Birdwatchers will also find satisfaction, due to the presence of numerous herons.

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From the vantage points of Corbara, the gaze rests on cultivated fields with lush vines and fragrant olive trees. Thanks to the particular nature of the soil and the microclimate of the lake, the wines produced in the hills between Corbara and nearby Baschi gave rise to a specific appellation in 1998: Lago di Corbara DOC.

A bit of history

Corbara has an ancient history, probably beginning with Roman settlements along the course of the Tiber, as evidenced by the archaeological site of the Roman Port of Pagliano.


Corbara's traditions certainly include the Sagra dell'Oca, a gastronomic event held in June. The undisputed protagonist is obviously the goose, cooked roasted to celebrate in ancient times the end of wheat threshing.

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A real gem away from the tourist routes: the views from the village are unique.


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