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Duke's Hills and Villages

Pedaling in the Roveresque Lands

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61030 Piagge PU, Italia (441m s.l.m.)

On the territory

GAL Flaminia Cesano

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Here is the first of the tasty bike routes that Gal Flaminia Cesano is preparing for you. We will touch on the "four beautiful lands" that since 2017 have united into the municipality of Terre Roveresche (Piagge, San Giorgio, Orciano and Barchi) and land in Sant'Ippolito, land of master stonemasons and open-air museum. It is a pleasant walk among rolling hills and ancient villages rich in history and traditions: about 20 kilometers in all, to be done - mind you - pedaling slowly, taking your time to have a picnic under a tree, enter a church or a museum, climb the walls of a castle and admire the view, or enjoy a good glass of wine at the village tavern...

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