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Cities of the Twentieth Century - In the Footsteps of De Carlo

An itinerary to discover the architectural wonders of twentieth-century Urbino

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61029 Urbino PU, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


With the City of the 1900s itinerary you will fully grasp the perfect urban and architectural blend of ancient and contemporary Urbino. Above all, you will find many of the projects created by architect Giancarlo De Carlo, a major figure in 20th-century Italian architecture who was able to remain independent of all the fashions and currents that have emerged over the years. Many of his projects in Urbino were born out of the close collaboration between the University of Urbino Carlo Bo and the municipal administration. The route begins outside the walls, extends within them and ends again outside them in the countryside, so it lends itself to being tackled partially by car and on foot.

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