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Paglina onion of Castrofilippo: Sicilian sweetness

Agrigento's lady in yellow.

Local flavors
Local flavors

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The yellow gold of Castrofilippo

Among the ancient varieties of onion being recovered we find this Sicilian onion, the Paglina di Castrofilippo, little known outside the production area, but highly appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics. A precious variety, which we may call the "lady in yellow" because of the coloring of its tunic tending to pale yellow, which distinguishes it from all others. Its important characteristics are also the large size of the bulbs (on average 400-500 gr and can even reach 2 kg), pleasant aroma, sweetness, crisp texture and white flesh. It is the indispensable ingredient for the success of some local delicacies such as "cipuddata," "cipudda mpanata," "cipudda a furnu," and "cipuddetti omelette."

Its lower acidity and absence of spicy notes also make it ideal for raw consumption in salads. It is available in June-September and has historically been grown in the Castrofilippo area, in the province of Agrigento, so much so that its inhabitants are referred to in neighboring towns as the cipuddari. The Paglina is now a Slow Food Presidium, and the production specification does not provide for any chemical treatment or weeding, allowing, when necessary, only treatments authorized by organic farming. Cultivation management is manual, with full respect for the soil and the maintenance of its fertility; the seeds are selected and reproduced by the growers themselves.

raccolta nel campoDirectly from the field

Flavors of the earth

Sicily is a kind of immense and generous vegetable garden, where the cuisine of the poor, that of the people who were forced to engineer with what they could find, has always been able to count on raw materials of excellent quality. The factor that had the greatest influence on Sicilian cuisine was precisely the land, its soil and its sea. Although it was the Arabs who brought, many centuries ago, oranges and lemons, sugar and spices, it is always the territory that determines what to grow, the quality of the products. In Sicily one encounters true simplicity: one consumes and offers, what is available, what one has.

An idea that is summed up in the term companatico, or "what you eat with bread." Vegetables are a great resource, they are a valuable companion, and the onion is certainly one of them, typical of the poor peasant cuisine. It is not uncommon to find at Sicilian bakers already cooked vegetables, prepared by exploiting the thermal inertia of the ovens used to bake bread. But now we give you the few directions that are necessary to prepare Castrofilippo pagline at home as well. Two quick and easy recipes to savor all the sweetness of these golden nuggets!


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Beer-battered onion rings

A very easy preparation with a more international flavor that will allow you to appreciate the sweetness of this onion to enrich your aperitif or appetizer. These fried rings will easily win over even those who do not like onions. You may be surprised at the ease with which you will risk eating a whole onion without realizing it. And with the Castrofilippo Paglina, you won't need to hold your breath!




30 min


4 persone


Cipudde a furnu

A very easy dish that brings out all the sweetness of this vegetable.




1,5 h


4 persone

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