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Deer, the music village by the sea

Waves and notes explode, resonate and dance among the carrugi and the sea

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Where is


Cervo IM, Italia (31m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

We arrive at dawn, with the red sun rising lazily from the rippling sea above a veil of blue-gray clouds. The illuminations >of the enchanting seaside village are still lit, as we walk its narrow carruggi among the historic buildings, intending to reach Corallini Square, where the extraordinary concave Baroque facade of the church of St. John the Baptist imposes its presence. From here an enchanting view of the sea; a sea that shares its treasures with this medieval fishing village, although, in recent decades, music has undoubtedly dominated the scene!

Why it is special

Leaning out from the parapet of the rampart walkway, I notice the presence of the terrace of a club overlooking the sea, with many tables set. Of course, because of the time of day, no one is there. I take the opportunity to take a suggestive shot. Closing my eyes, I think of the summer in Cervo and imagine the same terrace, in the evening, full of people sitting at the tables, tasting typical local products, with the sound of music wafting softly from the "acoustic square." Eh, yes! Because Cervo is the village where the lighthouse of music casts its light on the waves of the sea.

Not to be missed

If there is an event that encompasses all the magic of the village this is undoubtedly the International Chamber Music Festival, arrived last year at its fifty-sixth edition. The extraordinary architectural pyramid, now desolate, that rises from the waterfront and climbs the hill of the same name, in July and August is populated with people attracted by the music festival. The variety of genres is made explicit in a stimulating confrontation of even distant musical worlds, which invariably come together in providing excitement and entertainment to an equally diverse audience.

A bit of history

It was the highly esteemed Hungarian violinist Sandor Vegh who sensed the acoustic potential of the Corallini Square and the churchyard of St. John's Church endowed with this extraordinary concave facade. He also fell in love with the setting of the square. How can you blame him? In any case, the musician proposed a project that back then, in 1964, was certainly innovative. Today, after a path of growth that began more than 50 years ago, it has become a structured reality, articulated in musical performances of the highest level that are just waiting to amaze and excite us as well. Shall we go?


Let's not forget that in addition to music, the sea has its own relevance in the history of Cervo, a medieval fishing village. From the very name of the square, called "dei Corallini," we intuit this intrinsic connection. Coral collecting was one of the fundamental economic resources, thanks to which, among other things, it was possible to build the church of San Giovanni, between 1686 and 1722. A tradition - that of harvesting - was interrupted by a shipwreck in which 100 fishermen died. Since then, the village was sadly named "The Village of a Hundred Widows."

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Now, in the middle of winter, like a deer, I listen to the music in the wind and waves crashing on the rocks, repopulated by lush coral nature reserves...


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