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Cerasa of San Costanzo, the ancient Ceregia

Memories of cherries and music

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Where is


Giardini Il Colle, Via Lazio, 61039 Cerasa PU, Italia (152m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

A few kilometers from Fano and intrigued by the origin of its ancient name, Ceregia, I move through this countryside where the eye seems to find no end. This fantastic castle is revealed to me, in whose interior the Church of San Lorenzo was built, which preserves an important 18th-century organ by Gaetano Callido. It is a true place of tranquility. Tradition, gastronomy and history are not lacking and are a combination of the identity of this gem. By the way, Ceregia because it was rebuilt on the mountain that included the presence of cherry trees.

Why it is special

The great surprise of a panoramic view where the gaze is lost in a sea of green, full of crops such as olive trees, vineyards, cereals, marks the common sense of man's work and it is at this moment that nature delivers that sense of freedom and makes us feel great. It is nice to walk through the eternal narrow streets of the village where the sun does not come in, but you feel pervaded by a feeling that warms the soul.

A bit of history

The earliest records take us back to a document from 1156. The original castle was destroyed and another was built on top of the hill that was named Monte della Ceregia, hence the present Cerasa. During the 15th century it did not hesitate to challenge nearby San Costanzo and powerful Malatesta Fano. In 1463 along with Mondavio and Senigallia, it found itself for lord Antonio Piccolomini, formerly duke of Amalfi, but, with the death of his uncle Pope Pius II, Cerasa entered the list of Fano's domains. The ancient medieval walls, perfectly intact, envelop this charming little village as if in an embrace.


The organ kept in San Lorenzo has an interesting history: it was built by Gaetano Callido, an organ builder active in the 1700s and much appreciated not only in the Republic of Venice, but also in the Marche region and even in Istanbul. Linked to this instrument is a curious account of the vicissitudes of an organist from Cerasa who a few centuries ago, tired of not being paid for his service, threatened to stop playing. Even the parish priest wrote to community representatives to plead the poor organist's cause.

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The village perched on the hill is the icing on the cake of a green and flourishing nature that radiates serenity in those who admire it.

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