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Conegliano Castle

A Castle in the City

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Where is


Calle Madonna della Neve, 31015 Conegliano TV, Italia (99m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Located on the Hill of Janus, the mythical founder of the city of Conegliano, the Castle was born around the year 1000 as a defensive fortification. It dominates the city, rising just above its vital center: Piazza Cima. All that remains today of the original complex is the Torre della Guardia or Bell Tower, inside which is housed the Conegliano Civic Museum. The castle can be reached by car to the parking lot located in the square below, where the beautiful Church of Sant'Orsola also stands. However, for those who wish to take a walk, a charming path composed largely of cobblestones starts from Piazza Cima and leads to the manor in about half an hour. As you ascend, you can admire the panorama of Conegliano's historic center, the old walls, and the small church of Madonna della Neve.

Why it is special

Both from the forecourt in front of the Torre della Guardia and from its crenellated top (which can be accessed at the end of the visit to the Museo Civico) there are magnificent views. A staircase leads to a terrace, and, on a clear day, there it is: to the south, the flat expanse of the Venetian plain as far as the Venice lagoon and, to the north, the panorama of the Friulian plain and the Belluno Pre-Alps.

Don't miss

A visit to the Museo Civico, containing a picture gallery with valuable paintings by Pordenone and Palma il Giovane, and a collection of Roman archaeological finds discovered in the Conegliano area and other items of historical interest, is recommended.


Every year in early August, the "Goblets of Stars" event is held at the Castle : two evenings in the company of the best local producers of wines from the Conegliano area, with live music and gastronomic tastings.

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