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Castle of the Counts Oliva of Piandimeleto

Stories, memories and even a few spells kept in the heart of the village.


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Where is


Via del Macello, 1, 61026 Piandimeleto PU, Italia (319m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Nestled among the rolling hills of the Marche region, The Conti Oliva Castle dominates the village of Piandimeleto. It is an imposing building with fortifications, Ghibelline battlements, corbels and machicolations. The massive square tower on the western edge is the only evidence of an earlier Carolingian fortification. Today it houses the Civic Museum s of Earth Sciences, the Museum of Heraldry and the Museum of Peasant Labor, as well as an active meeting place for the community.

Why it is special

It has an imposing and harmonious appearance, despite being part fortress and part stately home. It has its roots in the most remote past of this land, and thanks to its beauty it harmonizes it with the present and brings it to the center of daily life.

Not to be missed

The castle is the landmark and the venue for the famous Palio dei Conti Oliva, a not-to-be-missed historical re-enactment for those who want to take a journey into the Middle Ages of Montefeltro. One of the most exciting moments is the burning of the castle, a fireworks display that casts color and light on the castle and the medieval atmosphere created especially for the occasion.

A bit of history

One cannot fail to mention the Conti Oliva family when talking about the history of Piandimeleto. From their small estate in Piagnano they expanded in the area becoming one of the most important families and were able to establish fortunate relationships with the Malatesta, Montefeltro, Bentivoglio, Gonzaga and even the Medici. Their astute politics led them to gain a certain independence, evidenced precisely by the presence of the noble castle.


The Castle of Piandimeleto also has a sad story to tell. Olimpia was the beautiful lady-in-waiting to Alessandra Gonzaga, wife of Count Ugolino Oliva. The count was obsessed with Olimpia, who did not love him back. Aided by the jester Cecco, one day the count succeeded in imprisoning the young woman, who, in order not to give in, took her own life by throwing herself out of a window. With her death, Cecco disappeared, taking with him the spell he had cast on Ugolino, and which had triggered his obsession.

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Comune di Piandimeleto

Surrounded by the rolling hills of Feltre declining in different shades of greens and yellows, and with its majestic appearance of both a Manor Palace and a Fortress, I guarantee that this Castle is well worth your visit!