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Castelfranco Veneto

The ancient walled city, home of Giorgione

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Where is


31033 Castelfranco Veneto TV, Italia (45m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

An evocative quadrilateral of medieval walls with watchtowers and bridges over the moat, a large market square with shady porticoes dotted with small restaurants and stores, food rich in Venetian flavors and generous wine: this is how Castelfranco Veneto welcomes you. Rising in the late 12th century to defend Treviso from neighboring towns, the walled city has always been an important crossroads between Vicenza, Treviso, Padua and Venice. From here, in just over an hour's drive you can reach the Venetian Pre-Alps, the Belluno Dolomites and the Venetian coast. But Castelfranco has always been known as the birthplace of Giorgione, whose great works it preserves.

Why it is special

Two works by Giorgione are guarded by the walls of Castelfranco: the altarpiece inside the cathedral and the mysterious "frieze" in the so-called Casa Giorgione (now a museum). Other jewels of the small historic center are the Teatro Accademico, the work of architect F. Maria Preti and the Civic Tower (12th-13th cent.), with magnificent clock mechanisms inside. A stone's throw from the castle, here is a Venetian villa: Villa Revedin Bolasco with its romantic English-style park.

Don't miss

Castelfranco is crossed by the Muson River, along which a nature trail runs through the municipalities of Riese Pio X, Loria, Castello di Godego, Castelfranco and Resana, for a length of about 19 km. A walk or bike ride in these parts is worth marking among the things to do for lovers of nature and outdoor recreation.

A bit of history

Since Roman times, the territory of Castelfranco was a strategic point for mercantile routes: the Via Aurelia and the Via Postumia met here. Of some of the dominations that took place there, traces also remain on the Civic Tower: under the face, the four-wheeled chariot, coat of arms of the Carraresi of Padua and, above the clock face, the Lion of St. Mark.


Castelfranco Veneto was a ' franco' or "free" castle, exempt from taxation for its early inhabitants-defenders.

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