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Trebecco Castle, a plunge into the Middle Ages

Small medieval village overlooking the Oglio Valley from its rocky outcrop

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Where is


Via Castel Trebecco, 3, 24060 Trebecco BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What is and where is Castel Trebecco

Castel Trebecco more than a castle is a small fortified village into which one enters and leaves through a single entrance, the tower. It has only one street, which is irregularly overlooked by stone and cobblestone houses and small courtyards. On either side is the overhang.

Why it's special: a medieval village overhanging the Oglio River.

High on the confluence of the Oglio River and the Uria torrent, in Valcalepio, just where the Oglio forms a bend, the hamlet could guard the roads below and the ford. Its irregular, triangular plan is conditioned by the 'irregularity of the land on which it was built. Thus isolated, it has retained its appearance almost intact and today offers a rare opportunity to dive into the past and see for yourself a little piece of the Middle Ages.

Not to be missed: the village tower

The gate-tower is the village's most interesting architectural element. It has a square plan, is made entirely of stone, and the entrance consists of a pointed arch. At the top, it still shows traces of the hoarding it underwent during its history, around the 15th century.

A bit of history

The hamlet appears in a document from 1032 in a will of Lanfranco Martinengo and was part of the family's property, but its construction certainly dates back to at least the previous century. In the 15th century it saw its defensive function wane, and it lost importance. At that time it belonged to the Counts of Calepio, who held it until 1811. Careful restoration was carried out at the beginning of this century to allow its appearance to be preserved intact.

Fun fact: a trip to the nearby village of Credaro

Credaro is a surprising village; not only does it have Caastel Trebecco among its hamlets, but it also has two very interesting Romanesque churches, the church of San Fermo, with its slender bell tower, and the church of San Giorgio, which preserves a fresco by Lorenzo Lotto in the external aedicule.

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Castel Trebecco is to be walked unhurriedly, to be taken back in time, to admire the landscape from above, to take an unobtrusive look at the flower-filled courtyards that its little houses hide.


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