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Taufers Castle

One of the best-preserved Tyrolean castles to recapture the atmosphere of the nobility of yesteryear

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Where is

Trentino-Alto Adige

Burg Taufers Weg 4, 39032 Campo Tures BZ, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Taufers Castle, or castel Tures, presents itself as a dreamlike place: on either side are mountains covered with forest and lush green meadows, at the bottom stands a higher peak cloaked in snow. Where all this comes together, there is Campo Tures, a small Tyrolean village overlooked by the elegant mass of the castle. It feels like being in a movie.

Why it's special

The castle welcomes visitors to its beautiful rooms filled with furnishings that tell the story of what life was like for the Tyrolean aristocracy. It is the perfect destination for lovers of fortresses and castles, who can explore its spaces, its solid walls and the treasures it holds here. But also for nature lovers, who from its windows can appreciate the sconfinat landscape of the valley and its mountains.

Not to be missed

Exploring the halls of castel Taufers one must remember to sharpen one's eyesight: here and there surprising details await, such as beautiful wooden chandeliers, or unusual decorations, such as angels made from antler antlers.

A bit of history

The castle already existed between the 12th and 14th centuries as a fortress. At the time, a powerful dynasty resided there from which the castle was named. Later, ownership passed into the hands of several other families who marked the castle's fate and initiated an architectural change with various buildings used for defense and magnificent rooms entirely clad in wood.


In 1977 the property passed to the Südtiroler Burgeninstitut (South Tyrolean Castle Association). The association is active on a voluntary basis and is committed to ensuring the proper preservation and maintenance of the castle in accordance with the principle of private responsibility for the protection of monuments. To this day, Taufers Castle is one of the best preserved and furnished castles in the entire South Tyrol.

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For centuries the imposing fortress of Taufers Castle has towered above Campo Tures/Valle Aurina.


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