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Riva Falls

Rushing waters to be discovered in the forest of Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park

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Where is

Trentino-Alto Adige

Cascate di Riva, Via Acereto, 89, 39032 Campo Tures BZ, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What are and where are the waterfalls of Riva

The majestic phenomenon of the three Riva waterfalls can be admiredin the Aurina Valley. They are three spectacular waterfalls, immersed in the forest, and generated by the Riva stream. The area where the waterfalls are located is part of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park, which guarantees total immersion in nature.

Why it's special: a great family adventure

Perhaps one of the most beautiful features of the Riva waterfalls is the ease with which they can be reached: the paths leading to discover them are quite easy. The path up to the first waterfall is even walkable with strollers. From there on, however, the drop and steps begin, so those with small children who want to continue will still need to equip themselves with the appropriate backpacks.

Not to be overlooked: walking time and elevation gain

Starting from the Cantuccio/Winkel/Wasserfallbar parking lot in Sand in Taufers, it takes 20 minutes of walking time to get to the first waterfall for an elevation gain of 40 meters. Getting to the second water fall takes 40 minutes and the elevation gain to 140 meters. The third water fall is revealed after 55 minutes of walking and a climb of 170 meters above sea level. In summer, it is possible to return to the valley by "flying" through the forest thanks to the Fly-Line.

Fun fact: the spiritual imprint at the Riva waterfalls.

There are two routes to follow to admire the Riva Falls: the forest road and the St. Francis Trail. The latter, which in some sections coincides with the former, offers some meditation points, perfect for creating an unforgettable experience by combining contact with nature, the effort of walking and reflection. An authentic slow-paced experience, culminating in the Chapel of St. Francis and St. Clare, a little beyond the third waterfall.

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Rushing waters flowing, sweeping, tumbling into the void. In a bed of rock forged by the brute force of nature. Deafening. Foaming. A mist of droplets radiated by light. Breathtaking spectacle in any season!


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