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An ancient walled city embellished with an illustrious theater

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Where is


Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 22, 61043 Cagli PU, Italia (280m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Caressed by the Bosso and Burano rivers, Cagli is a laughing village along the Via Flaminia. The streets of the center teem with churches (there are 17 in all!), historic buildings and monuments, making Cagli a must-see for those who love culture and art. The flagship is definitely the theater, the beating heart of Cagli's cultural life.

Why it is special

The discovery of Cagli cannot help but leave you stunned. Beginning with the Torrione, an innovative example of military architecture, Piazza Matteotti with its 18th-century fountain and the Palazzo Pubblico in the background, and Palazzo Berardi Mochi-Zamperoli (now the Cultural Pole), the town offers visitors the chance to cross the threshold of as many as 12 of the 17 churches scattered along the streets of the center. One cannot leave Cagli without visiting the Municipal Theater. A splendid example of Italian-style theater, it represents a true laboratory of expressive research for many artists who choose to come here to stage and present their shows in national previews. The curtain is a true work of art, the brainchild of Alessandro Venanzi.

Not to be missed

Not to be missed is the original Pipe Festival: it takes place over two days, usually in June, with a market exhibition attended by about 60 pipe masters and an international slow smoking competition: the one who keeps his pipe lit the longest wins. Then, on the second Sunday in August, it is the turn of the historic Palio dell'oca, while on the third Saturday in August the square, streets and glimpses of the city come alive with concerts of all kinds: it is Cagli delle musiche. Finally, since 2003, the first Sunday in August Cagli has been enlivened by the Palio dei bambini: the event is part of a series of events aimed at enhancing the town's historic games.

A bit of history

Cagli in the 6th century formed one of the strongholds of the Byzantine Pentapolis. Destroyed in 1287 by fire caused by the Ghibellines, the city was rebuilt according to Arnolfo di Cambio's urban design with orthogonal axes; a design from which Leon Battista Alberti drew inspiration to design his Ideal City.

cagliPanoramic view of Cagli

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