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A fragile territory, an innovative narrative, a new lifeblood

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Piazza S. Ciriaco, 2, 66040 Montebello Sul Sangro CH, Italia (745m s.l.m.)


Stone houses, ruins, cracks and voids left by buildings that no longer made it to stand. Doors pulled up or broken, leaving glimpses into interior spaces that still cannot come to terms with the emptiness that has now taken up residence there. But also doors scrupulously closed by those who, perhaps, hoped to return. Stone alleys, empty alleys, alleys that look like paths in a wild garden, with grasses and plants sprouting on every side. And then the chasm. A long leap down the slope, to the small hamlet of neat, new houses, and then further on to the valley, from where to rise again over the surrounding mountains. It is a landscape one admires with bated breath, well aware that the emptiness is not only the one in front of us, but also the one that has taken over the hamlet.

borgo-buonanotteOverview of the ghost town of Buonanotte

This is the hamlet of Buonanotte. A ghost hamlet, inhabited only by the dusty memories of the past. But also, an opportunity: having lost its function as a town, it is the perfect environment in which to experiment with something new. This is how a project was born, combining architecture, art, nature and culture, promoted by the Municipality of Montebello Sul Sangro, supported by the Abruzzo Region, conceived by CASaA architects, and realized by three different artists: Adrian Shalsi, Vincenzo Marsiglia and Jasmine Pignatelli. This and much more is Buonanotte Contemporanea. Each artist has created a structure capable of combining the functional side of consolidating the village's damaged buildings with the poetics of shapes and colors capable of redesigning space, altering time and engaging the abandoned stones, the nature that covers them and the culture that has produced this place in a single, harmonious dance.

borgo-buonanotte-artan-shalsiBN_L_AIFE_20_295, by Artan Shalsi

BN_L_AIFE_20_295 by Artan Shalsi is the first work that greets us along the way. It approaches a wall like a support beam, a prop, but its surface is far from giving the idea of solidity that such a structure should have. The artist has covered it with a mirrored surface to allow it to take in all the surrounding landscape: walls, sky, vegetation alternate depending on the vantage point. Her volume is thus filled with a fluid and iridescent narrative that brings together the natural, historical and cultural elements of the village.

borgo-buonanotte-vincenzo-marsigliaKaleidoscope, by Vincenzo Marsiglia

Kaleidoscope, by Vincenzo Marsiglia is the second installation. A capsule of metal, glass and dichroic film. Its basic structure is a star, and the very films project a multitude of colors onto the surrounding surfaces, creating an effect that is, indeed, kaleidoscopic. Light is the key: it is an element of life, of hope, of confidence in the future, toward which the work reaches out. Kaleidoscope, in fact, is placed in a steep area between two buildings, and overlooks the new village, Montebello sul Sangro.

borgo-buonanotte-Jasmine-PignatelliA Broken Line, by Jasmine Pignatelli

Jasmine Pignatelli's A Bro ken Line concludes the itinerary. A broken metal line, alternating solids and voids. It has the surprising ability to represent the instability of nature and the suburb in which it is located, but, at the same time, to nullify it thanks to the support it provides to the two buildings on which it rests. It is a bit as if the same landslides that destroyed the village stopped to reflect and, repentant, tried to remedy, as far as possible, their actions.

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Shapes, lights and reflections redesign the space of a small ghost town and lay the foundation for its rebirth.


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