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Brescello and the Peppone and Don Camillo Museum

On the indelible traces of a story that makes us children again

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Where is


Via Edmondo de Amicis, 2, 42041 Brescello RE, Italia (27m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Anyone who knows the movies of Peppone and don Camillo cannot look at this church without hearing the movie theme song in their head. Brescello is exactly as one imagines it, only calmer and sleepier, at least in the summer, because it's really true, the sun beats down hard! The museum is a collection of memorabilia and photos from the set, and it's a pleasure to discover behind the scenes, to be inches away from Peppone and Don Camillo's legendary bicycles, the various clubs, the stage costumes...

Why it's special

For a few hours one becomes part of that world and becomes a child again. The statues of the two eternal rivals, then, are truly a beautiful tribute. Smiling, one from the churchyard, one from under the town hall, they look at each other and greet each other, in eternal representation of what, despite all their differences, is a wonderful friendship!

Not to be missed

One of the sequences I love the most is that of Don Camillo's surrender to the pantry after his hunger strike, and the subsequent binge that Peppone and his comrades, unaware that dinner has taken place, "graciously" offer him. Little to do, those foods, even if in black and white, make the mouth water. In homage to the flavors of the place, one cannot leave Brescello without trying the gnocco fritto! A delicacy!


Among the halls of the museum wanders an elderly gentleman who occasionally approaches visitors and tells his story. Well, yes: this gentleman was one of the children who made up the choir that Don Camillo lined up to welcome the Bishop on one of his many adventures!

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I've been watching these movies since I was a child, finding myself here, it's a plunge into a dream.


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