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Bosa, jewel of Sardinia

5 things not to miss in the picturesque village on the Temo River

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Bosa, jewel of Sardinia

Bosa is a medieval village that stands on the Temo River, at the foot of the Malaspina Castle. To go to Bosa is to immerse oneself in the past: steep roofs, laundry spread out on terraces, a labyrinth of alleys and narrow streets that climb up the hill to the castle. Here the tradition of craftsmanship still endures tenaciously, as evidenced by the carpets, tapestries, bedspreads, and centerpieces, all strictly handmade. Among colorful little houses, ancient buildings and beautiful nature, here are five things not to miss during your visit to Bosa.

1. Medieval Bosa: the Malaspina Castle

The Malaspina Castle or Castello di Serravalle towers over the town from the top of Serravalle Hill and is the ideal place to visit not only to enjoy the very wide panorama that reaches the sea, but also to take a dip into history: in fact, the castle dates back to the 13th century and encloses within its imposing walls a large parade ground and buildings that hold amazing frescoes.

2. The tanneries of Bosa: industrial archaeology

Tanning activities in this area date back to Roman times, but the tanneries along the banks of the Temo were the industrial soul of Bosa between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and then until the 1960s, and they made the name of Bosa known throughout the Italian peninsula and Europe. Today they house an interesting museum that tells their story.

3. The churches of Bosa: treasure chests of art, history and spirituality

Bosa is rich in churches that trace the history of the town throughout the centuries. They start with early Christian churches, then move on to Gothic and Spanish churches, and finally to Mannerist, Baroque and contemporary ones. A true journey through styles and tastes, worthy of an art history book. Just to mention one example, in the Malaspina Castle complex Nostra Signora de sos Regnos Altos has magnificent 14th-century frescoes.

4. The nature of Bosa: birdwatching and snorkeling paradise.

Between the banks of the Temo and the coast is a large nature site where you can see many protected species, such as the griffon vulture. Diving into the sea, on the other hand, you can engage in snorkeling and explore the coral-rich seabed. Not far from the town you can find the hamlet of Bosa Marina, with a beautiful sandy beach and clear waters.

5. The ancient history of Bosa: the nuraghi

Bosa also has no shortage of traces of the oldest Sardinian history: domus de janas, nuraghi and coastal towers. Take a walk to discover these ancient structures and you will feel like you have returned to a remote era, when mankind lived (perhaps) in perfect harmony with nature.

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