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Bonarcado, a village from the Romanesque period

A village that takes us back to the past, between the Middle Ages and the Nuragic Age

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Where is


09070 Bonarcado OR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Bonarcado, or Bonacatu in local dialect, is an inland Sardinian village in the province of Oristano near Santu Lussurgiu, in the historic Montiferro region. It shares medieval characteristics with Santo Lussurgiu, with houses that have never known reinforced concrete and streets that don't know what asphalt is.

Why it is special: stone

Bonarcado has preserved the charm of the stone of which houses and pavements are made, remaining as they were originally and never remodeled.

Not to be missed: the churches of Bonarcado

Among the most significant buildings are certainly two ancient Romanesque churches facing the central square. The sanctuary of Santa Maria di Bonacatu is the oldest, built over pre-existing Roman bath structures. It houses a terracotta tile depicting the Madonna tenderly embracing her Child, an object of great devotion throughout Sardinia. Next door, the Basilica of Santa Maria was built by Camaldolese monks at a later date and enlarged several times. Despite the remodeling, the bare stones of the walls make it retain the humble and authentic character that distinguishes the entire historic center of Bonarcado.

A bit of history: the nuraghi

Bonarcado has been inhabited since ancient times and boasts an interesting record: it is the Sardinian municipality with the highest concentration of nuraghi. As many as 20 of them nestle among the oak forests, scattered over the 24 square kilometers of the municipality (almost one nuraghe for every square kilometer). This concentration is explained by the area's volcanic soil, which is very fertile, and the abundant presence of water.

Curiosities and festivals

The Feast of Our Lady is celebrated in mid-September, along with the nougatfestival .On the last Sunday of September, the Festa de Sa limba Sarda Ufitziale is also celebrated to protect the Sardinian language.

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