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Belvedere Guglielmo Marconi or Hill of San Vito Chietino

An exceptional balcony over the Costa dei Trabocchi

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Where is


66038 San Vito Chietino CH, Italia (144m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the municipality of San Vito Chietino, starting from Piazza Garibaldi, with a short and pleasant walk through colorful little houses, old-fashioned alleys and delightful views, one arrives at the Belvedere Guglielmo Marconi or "Hill," as it is called by residents. It is a real semicircular balcony equipped with benches and overlooking the sea, situated on a promontory overlooking the Gualdo Promenade, the lower part of the town, the Marina of San Vito.

Why it is special

The view is spectacular, a moment to regenerate ones elf as one's gaze is lost in search of the line that divides and joins the sky and the sea. A romantic setting in which to exchange a kiss or a token of love or to stop alone to reflect in front of a panorama that sweeps from the Costa dei Trabocchi to the great mother mountain, Majella, thus enclosing at a glance all the wonders of Abruzzo.

Not to be missed

Don't miss a visit to the small Church of San Francesco di Paola, a recently restored aristocratic chapel located right on the Belvedere. Another magnificent vantage point is the Belvedere Mare e Monti, with a view that stretches from the Apennines to the town of Vasto.

Belvedere Guglielmo Marconi o Colle di San Vito ChietinoChurch of San Francesco di Paola

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Valentina Marchigiano

A special place that reminds me of adolescence and the love carvings left on the metal parapet.


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