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"Artigianato Vivo" in Cison di Valmarino.

A must-attend event for those who love crafts and tradition.

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Where is


31030 Cison di Valmarino TV, Italia (251m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

It is not enough for Cison di Valmarino to show itself to the world with the beauty of its ancient architecture, its woods populated by fairy beings, its imposing castle... No, it has another surprise in store for us: every year in August the streets of the small village are populated with artisans from all over Italy and the village becomes one big open-air workshop and a treasure chest of wonders.

Why it's special

From honey to children's illustrations, bread to artistic mosaics, paper mache to essential oils... There really is something for all tastes and ages. Not forgetting the concerts, exhibitions, flag-wavers, educational workshops, typical dishes and wines at the food and wine stands...

Not to be missed

One is enchanted to watch the skilled hands of those who preserve ancient knowledge and crafts: those who stuff chairs, who work leather, who create papier-mâché masks or wooden spinning tops or filigree jewelry... The smells, the colors, the shapes, the flavors, are a feast for the soul.

A bit of history

"Artigianato Vivo" is an annual event established in 1980. Today it welcomes more than 200 artisans and about 400 thousand visitors, and offers a packed program of events.

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Maria Cristina

It's a celebration! It's great to see old artisans at work, but also so many young people picking up old legacies and interpreting them in new ways. Not to be missed!


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