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Noghere Nature Area

Little lakes today wild and pristine, but with a very different past

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Where is

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Via dei Laghetti, 34015 Muggia TS, Italia (5m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Today it is a wetland area, established as a Reserve, on the northern border of the Municipality of Muggia, not far from Slovenia: a complex of six small lakes surrounded by dense vegetation, with a maze of paths running between and around the bodies of water. Many centuries ago it was a lagoon area to which even the legendary Templars came, and it was long intended for salt mining. In the mid-19th century industries were established nearby, but upon their closure the area experienced a prodigious re-naturalization. To the west, a few kilometers away, lies the present industrial area, but - to the east and south - the domain belongs to nature.

Why it is special

The area is a biotope, that is, an area with specific naturalistic features favorable to the development and presence of a particular flora and fauna: in this case, those typical of wetlands. Those who enter it are captured by a labyrinthine charm, almost exotic compared to the predominant eco-system in the Julian territory. But a short distance away, hills covered by a magnificent deciduous forest-shared with Slovenia-will immediately take us back to a more typical context. Common to both landscapes is a sense of immersion in a space undisturbed by man.

Not to be missed

The Reserve is ideal for birdwatchers, who will be able to capture rare bird species with their lens. And then there is the forest...

A bit of history

In the 1970s the kiln that had been active in the area for 20 years was closed and the clay quarry along the nearby Rio Ospo was abandoned. The quarry permanently filled with water, which formed several shallow ponds, and in a short time Nature made all traces of man disappear.


For many it will be hard not to be fascinated by the remote presence of the Templars, who settled here in the Middle Ages to give assistance to Slavic and German pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.

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