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Old Mill of Cusio

A magical atmosphere with slow rhythms and gestures of tradition

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Where is


24010 Cusio BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The Antico Mulino is located in the municipality of Cusio, in the Averara Valley. It is called "Ancient" because it dates back to about the 13th century, and given its venerable age, the authenticity of its structure is nothing short of amazing. The local stone walls, an inseparable link to the area, and the slate roof were recently restored: work was completed in 2014. Apart from a few changes, such as replacing the outer wheel with a metal one, all the gears and internal components have retained their original essence.

Why it is special

Valerio, the miller, takes exceptional care of this ancient mill: without letting traditions be lost, he repairs every damaged component of this marvel with his own hands, thus allowing it to continue its work despite its age. The Cusio Mill is special because the gears and machines still work as they once did: tradition dictates that it continues to carry on its work thanks to the power of water from the nearby stream. It is thanks to this precious element that the gears are activated, bringing the magic of grinding to shine every time.

Not to be missed

The Antico Mulino makes it possible to undertake direct experiences thanks to the evocative "Corn Trail": it all starts from the cultivated fields, where one can understand how this cereal originates in the mountains. Afterwards, one can enter the dryer, where the corn is left to rest and dry before reaching the Mill proper: in the latter, the "Autumn Festival" is also organized , an incredible opportunity for visitors to understand how the millstone works, the preparation of the flour, and to end their day with a delicious plate of polenta accompanied by other typical products such as casoncelli and salami.


A small curiosity: in this small town in the upper Brembana Valley, there are still many corn farmers who decide to grind the products resulting from their cultivation at the Antico Mulino. The reason for this choice? To keep traditions alive and obtain quality products, just as they used to do in the past!

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