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In search of waterways

A loop itinerary between the municipalities of Canzo and Eupilio

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Piazza, 2, 22035 Canzo CO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The Canzo-Eupilio loop is a scenic hiking trail that traces the Budracchi trail in the final part and touches several churches in the municipalities of Canzo and Eupilio, as well as a long section of the Segrino Lake cycle path. Along the 12-kilometer walk, we encounter several waterways: the Ravella stream in Canzo, Lake Segrino between Canzo and Eupilio, the Roggia Molinara, several springs and small rivulets.

We will walk through local history and learn about ancient cults and trades related to water, such as the prayers addressed to St. Miro in Canzo to invoke the rains and the old spinning mills, with the romantic tale of the spinners and their songs, which contrasted with the harsh working conditions in which these women lived.

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The trail is amiable and walkable in all seasons. In spring and fall one enjoys more the color variations of the woods and the peace of Lake Segrino. The villages of Canzo and Eupilio return dormant wonders all to be discovered.


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