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Abbey of San Lorenzo in Campo

A gentle giant awaits us in the heart of the Marches


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Where is


Via S. Demetrio, 23, 61047 San Lorenzo In Campo PU, Italia (180m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

A majestic three-aisled building that envelops you as soon as you enter. It has masonry round arches supported by gray granite columns from Egypt. The central part, consisting of three apses, is the oldest. Wonderful is the high altar for its fine marbles. Underneath a beautiful crypt unearthed in 1940.

Why it is special

It is the symbolic monument of the town, majestic, it seems to protect it. One of the most beautiful, important and historically rich churches in the entire Marche Region. A journey between spirituality, history and art. It is increasingly visited and appreciated, so many foreign tourists are fascinated by it.

Not to be missed

On August 10, the Feast of the Patron, the Abbey has been hosting the Patron's Concert for a few years now, featuring top-quality choirs and musicians from the Marche region. Several concerts are organized during the holiday season.

A bit of history

It was built before the year 1000 by monks, who came from Sant'Apollinare in Classe, on the remains of the temple of Adonis with material from the city of Suasa. The Benedictines found here a Christian community in which they spread the cult of St. Lawrence brought by the Romans following economic relations with Suasa. It was elevated to a basilica in 1943 by H.H. Pius XII.


The Abbey was dedicated to St. Lawrence martyr in Rome, "in silvis" because of the presence of sacred woods, and then "in campo" perhaps as a result of the "ora et labora" of the Benedictines whose main activity was working the fields. The crypt has inside it an urn from the 1700s where the bones of St. Demetrius were kept (recently returned to the Greek city of Thessaloniki where he was killed in 305).

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Marco Spadola

Fascinating and imposing, rich in art and history, elegant outside and inside, even more striking, illuminated, at night. It is among the most beautiful Romanesque-Gothic monuments existing in the Marche region.

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Comune di San Lorenzo in Campo