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Overhanging Lake Garda, as if by seagull's flight

Garda as no one had ever seen it before: a preview of Europe's most spectacular bicycle path.

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Where is


Via IV Novembre, 92, 25010 Limone Sul Garda BS, Italia (81m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

When it was inaugurated in 2018, it was called "the most spectacular bicycle path in Europe." In fact, it is only the first section of a bicycle and pedestrian path that in the near future will make it possible to circumnavigate Lake Garda, networking with other continental routes. However, the characteristics of the two kilometers of this route overlooking the lake are such that it has immediately become an attraction in its own right: extraordinarily scenic and vertiginous enough for a bit of heart-stopping; perhaps extending the ride aboard the Navigazione Gardesana boats that embark bicycles.

Why it's special

The new path is a spectacular work of engineering carefully inserted into the environment from Capo Reamol, in the municipality of Limone, to the border with the province of Trento, in the locality of Pescarol: a 2-kilometer-long cantilevered wooden and steel footbridge, suspended about fifty meters above the lake and equipped with a lighting system that makes even nighttime transit possible and exceptionally impressive. The beauty of the landscape, with the ridge of Mount Baldo long covered in snow, but above all the continuity of the views, offers a unique experience, as if one were in hovering flight, supported by the wind.

Not to be missed

There is a lot of talk about slow travel, or 'slow tourism,' and this is a favorable opportunity to put yourself to the test, not least because the environment of this stretch of the Gardesana Riviera offers many insights into those details of the landscape that risk going unnoticed. Such as certain aspects of the nature that frames the trail, an evergreen scrub animated by elusive presences. Like the Sardinian Sardinian warbler (Sylvia melanocephala), an unmistakable bird, dark head and red-circled eyes, that usually lives in Mediterranean latitudes, but is evidently found wonderfully on Lake Garda as well.

A bit of history

This stretch of the lake is traversed by an exceptionally scenic road, State Road 45 Gardesana Occidentale, completed only in 1931 after opening no fewer than 77 tunnels in the often overhanging rock at the lake. After driving along it Gabriele d'Annunzio called it "the meander of the Benàco," fascinated by that sinuous ribbon of asphalt and the continuous alternation of light and shadow. This is enough to give an idea of the beauty of the new path that actually follows it, but always skimming the cliff, as if in seagull's flight.


In 2008 this stretch of the Gardesana was the backdrop for a pulse-pounding car chase: protagonist, James Bond 's Aston Martin in the film Quantum of Solace. It's quite another thing to ride the bicycle path that doubles it externally, away from the noise of the road, accompanied only by the rustling of the foliage in the wind and the lapping of the waves.

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