Booking and purchasing

Custom booking and purchasing

What are Tailored Requests?

Some vendors make available the ability to request customizations on the purchase of their experiences, or their products and services. If you want to request a customized experience, for example, you can select your preferred date and time. With the Tailor-Made Request you can also freely ask the vendor for any extra services or other changes to their offer.

Please note: to submit a Tailor-Made Request you must register with SharryLand. To learn more about registration click here.

How do I find Customized Experiences in the Map of Wonders?

From the search engine on the homepage, look for the keywords "tailor-made." A number of proposals will appear to you such as experiences, travel or purchase of local products and tourist services for which you can ask for customizations. Choose the proposal that interests you and click on the Request and Purchase button. Depending on the type of Experience you can select the dates, services or products you prefer, as well as ask for extra services in the text field. Explore all tailor-made experiences!

How do Tailored Requests work?

Once you create and submit your Tailored Request, the vendor will receive it and can either accept it or propose variations to you. If price, date, or other changes are proposed to you, it will be up to you to accept them or request another change. After that, you will be able to pay and then finalize your purchase.

You can always communicate with the seller via internal messaging and keep track of your requests under "Tailor-Made Requests" in Your Reservations.

Does a Custom Request bind me to the purchase?

No. When the seller sends you confirmation of the request with all the details and the final amount, you can decide whether to accept it. After that, you will be directed to the payment.


Does a Tailor-Made Request ensure my reservation?

Not automatically. You must wait for confirmation from the seller and agree with him/her on any changes. The reservation is confirmed upon payment.


How can I pay for my purchases?

You can pay with a credit card, prepaid card or ATM card enabled for online purchases, as long as it belongs to these circuits:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Maestro

SharryLand has chosen Stripe as its partner to handle payments.

How do I cancel a Tailored Request?

Click on your profile picture and look for the purple "Your Reservations" quadrant. Under Tailored Requests, go to those Payments, select the purchase you wish to cancel and click on Cancel in the lower right corner. If you cancel within the terms specified by the organizer, you will be entitled to a refund of the full amount paid, which will be automatically paid to the credit or debit card you used to pay. Caution:To cancel the purchase of products, contact the vendor directly.

If, on the other hand, you have changed your mind about a Tailored Request that you have submitted but have not yet paid for, you do not have to do anything because the request will automatically expire. It is still a good idea to let the seller know with a message.


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