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Offering Experiences


Submission of experience

  • "I can't submit the experience" - You forgot a required piece of information. Incomplete fields are marked with an exclamation point.
  • "I want to preview the experience before submitting." - If you are still completing the fields, click "Save and Exit"; you will find your Experience in draft. From here, choose "Preview" from the menu with the three dots in the column.
  • "I have submitted my Experience, but I made a mistake and want to make corrections." - Click on "Go to your Desk": in the Experience's three-dotted menu click on "Help" and send your request to the Editorial Office.

Can I delete an experience that I no longer propose?

You can suspend it, but not delete it. Click on Go to your Desk and select Suspend from the three-dot menu to the right of the experience. The experience will then no longer be visible and searchable in the Map of Wonders. You will still be able to reactivate it whenever you want.


I have the free profile, why can't I create new Experiences?

With the free Profile you can create up to 3 "day" Experiences (guided tours, excursions, tastings, etc.). If you want to create more, or if you want to offer multi-day Experiences or sell products and services, purchase the Gold membership. Check out the benefits here: become Gold.

I organize an experience together with other agencies in the area or other collaborators, where can I write it down?

Check that your collaborators have a complete Profile on SharryLand. When you create your Experience, add them under Collaborators.


Next to my experience it says "Inactive," what does that mean?

Next to your Experiences you may see the words "Inactive." Please note: it is the "Tailored" tool that is not active, not the Experience. To activate Tailored Requests you must first have activated your Gold Profile. To learn more go to the section on Measure-Requests.

What kind of photos can I put in my Experiences?

  • In general, we encourage you to use self-made photos that convey emotion.
  • Choose photos with good resolution, in focus, with good light and with the subject in the center, and prefer horizontal photos.
  • If you upload photos with people, you must have their permission.
  • If you take images from the web, indicate the author and source, and remember that copyrighted photos can only be used with explicit permission from the author.

We are here to help you

If you have concerns, suggestions or plans for your area, write to us or come and meet us at the Tuesday webinar.