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My Stripe Account

What is Stripe?

Stripe is SharryLand's partner of choice for payment services. Security is an integral part of the Stripe system and is an important value to SharryLand. The data entered into Stripe and the various steps required for account verification are necessary steps to ensure peace of mind for buyers, sellers, and the platform.

Why do I need to create a Stripe account?

Since you have upgraded to the Gold Profile, Stripe activation is required to: receive, accept and edit Tailored Requests for your Experiences, receive payments, make refunds, post dates.

How much does Stripe cost?

Stripe activation is free of charge. Stripe retains about 1.5 percent management fees for each transaction. For details on fees go to this page.

How do I activate Stripe?

Once you have activated the Gold Profile, click on your profile picture and select Go to your Desk. There you will find a reminder about activating Stripe: click on the fuchsia "Activate" button and follow the wizard. Keep your bank details, your tax ID or VAT number, and your billing information handy. Be sure to associate your Stripe account with an e-mail address that you monitor regularly. If you have concerns or questions about the procedure, contact us.

I activated my Stripe account, but in my SharryLand Profile I read a message telling me that the account is not active. What can I do?

On completion of the activation process, you will receive a communication from Stripe to the email address you have provided that is used to verify your email address. Warning:Your Stripe account will remain incomplete and non-operational until you confirm your email address.

How do I get access to Stripe?

Once you've activated your Stripe account, you can access it from the official website or directly from your Desk on SharryLand, under Bookings.

The customer has paid, after how long does the money get credited to my Stripe account?

Crediting occurs immediately, while funds will be available within a few business days. Check your balance directly in Stripe.


I need support in using Stripe

Here is the direct link to Stripe's support area: click here.


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