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Managing Experiences

Dates and special cases

I have activated the Gold Profile. How come I can't add dates to my Experience?

First, verify that the experience has been published by the Editor. Then, verify that your Stripe account for payments is active and that you have received email confirmation from Stripe. Once activation is complete, you will be able to add new dates. In the meantime, you can only manage previous dates, if any.

I just activated the Gold Profile. Why are the payments not active for some dates of my Experiences?

Dates posted before Gold Profile activation retain the conditions under which they were created. If you want payments through SharryLand to be active for previously posted dates as well, you must cancel and recreate them. Please note: before canceling a date notify any members.


I changed the conditions of participation of my Experience, why don't they update on the dates already posted?

Dates already posted retain the conditions that existed at the time you created them. When you change a condition of the experience (e.g., duration, minimum age, maximum number of participants, price, etc.), it will automatically save to the new dates, but not to the previous ones.

If you want to adjust all your dates to the new conditions, you will have to delete them and republish them, any subscribers will be notified, but you can still notify them by writing in the "Communications" space of the Reservation. If you need help managing your dates, contact us.

I changed the price of my Experience, why isn't it updating on the dates already posted?

Dates that have already been published will retain the conditions, including economic conditions, established at the time the date was created, for the protection of any subscribers. Dates created later, on the other hand, will update with the price change. If you want to adjust earlier dates to the new conditions as well, you will need to delete them and reinsert them. Please notify any subscribers before doing so.

I propose a paid experience of which I want to do free dates from time to time. How can I do this?

Beware of the procedure:

  • Click on Go to your Desk and choose Edit in the three-dotted menu of the experience you want to edit. Under "Paid," choose "No," and select the type of free. Save and exit;
  • Now create the date for that experience.

Once you have published the free date, you can manually reset the original conditions of the experience and then put it back to paid by following the same procedure.


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