Managing Experiences

Activate Tailor-Made Requests

What are Tailored Requests?

They are the tool that allows you to accept customized requests from your customers and manage them independently and freely. Tailored Requests are only available if you have activated the Gold Profile and Stripe account. Activating Tailor-Made Requests will allow you to manage custom dates and orders, make counter-offers to your customers, add extra services, or give discounts.

You can activate Tailor-Made Requests for all types of Experiences: same-day (excursion, tasting, etc.), multi-day (tour package), Bravo&Buono (selling services and products).

I just activated the Gold Profile. Are Tailored Requests active in all of my Experiences?

From the moment you activate your Gold Profile and Stripe account, you will also be able to manually activate the Tailored option in your new Experiences. When creating the Experience, you will simply select "Yes" under "Tailored Requests." As for your old Experiences, see the next question.

How do I activate Tailored Requests for my old Experience?

Please note the procedure:

  • Click on Go to your Desk and choose Edit from the three-dotted menu to the right of the experience;
  • scroll down the menu and under Measure Requests select "Yes";
  • set the estimated response time to customer requests;
  • click on "Save and Exit."

Caution: you must have activated both the Gold Profile and Stripe account to activate Requests on Measure.

How do I activate Tailored Requests for my Free Experience?

You cannot activate Custom Requests for a free experience. Instead, you will be able to post dates and manage enrollments.

Can I suspend Tailor-Made Requests for my Experiences?

Yes. Click in the three-dot menu next to the Experience for which you want to suspend requests. Select Modify, scroll down the menu, and under Queries to Measure select "No." You will still be able to post dates for that Experience.


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