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I run an agritourism or Bed&Breakfast. Is the reservation of a room straightforward?

Unlike large booking systems, booking on SharryLand is never direct: the seller must always confirm availability. The advantage is greater freedom for the seller, who can also have the same rooms on other portals.

I am closing my business temporarily for vacation or other reasons. How do I communicate this to users?

From Go to your Desk, enter the three-dot menu on your Bravo&Buono and click on Suspend. This way you have temporarily suspended for users to send you requests. When you return to business, simply repeat the procedure and select "Resume."

I have a rental service, how do I manage customized quotes for my clients?

When you enter your rental services, you can indicate a target price (hourly, daily, or flat rate per service). The moment you receive a request from a client, you can prepare a tailored quote and attach it in response via WeTransfer link.

I am a guide, can I propose my excursions with Bravo&Buono?

For guides, you can use Bravo&Buono to propose a range of open and fully customizable itineraries, with an indicative starting price. However, we recommend that you also consider the same-day experience: it allows you not only to manage Customized Requests, but also to schedule a calendar of dates, collect reservations and payments, simplifying your work.


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