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Azienda Agricola SantYle


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Distretto Bio Terre Marchigiane


What we are going to do

The magical moment of flowering happens once a year, more precisely in June. On that occasion, we at SantYle Farm usually welcome guests who are interested in seeing this spectacle. What can one do? One can walk around, take or take photos, sit in the garden at the foot of the lavender grove or even in the middle of the rows, on comfortable ground seats or cloths, or lavender-scented pillows, and relax letting the scent inebriate and carry you away, enjoying a pleasant sunset. Since our lavender is Vera Angustifolia and can also be eaten, there is an opportunity to enjoy a lavender aperitif. ...

Visiting the rows of lavender in bloom

The magic of June flowering

Villa Palombara, PU

2 hours

Unusual experience

Adults 16+ 1
Children 11+ 0
Children 3+ 0


Included services and info


Italian, English

Pets allowed


Reduced mobility


Meeting point

Via Giambattista Tiepolo, 6, 61030 Villa Palombara PU, Italia


Refund conditions

  • 100% refund for cancellation 10 or more days before the experience

  • 50% refund between 9 and 5 days before experience
  • No refund from 4 to 0 days before the experience

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Azienda Agricola SantYle


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