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A Village Called Bologna

Discover ancient scents and flavors, slowly

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How can one fail to love Bologna, its slightly jaunty air of a curious teenager, its traditions so fragrant with goodness, history, poetry, music, the future. Bologna is a multicultural city, it is cultured without ostentation, it is beautiful inside without the need to prove it, it is capable of tickling all the senses and its freedoms never invade those of others. Bologna is erudite, fat and red, it is capable of teasing itself a little, half medieval, half 21st century, a sprinkling of music at every corner, a sprinkling of poetry everywhere, a frame made of culture, because it is culture ...

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Galliera Gate

Welcome to Bologna

Pincio Steps and Independence Street

Between markets and historic venues

Herb Market

Open-air lounge

Garisenda Tower and Asinelli Tower

The City of Towers

Major Square

The roads of mysteries

Basilica of St. Luke

Greeting Bologna from above

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