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Agriturismo Le Radici


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Lago di Como GAL

Territorial entity

What we are going to do

An activity aimed at everyone: young and old. On this occasion some interesting facts about donkeys will be explained and then you will get involved yourself in making direct contact with them. You will be able to pet them, brush them and establish a real friendship. It is a fun but also educational way to spend a good time together with these super sociable animals that have accompanied humans since ancient times. Our farm can be reached from the village of Blessagno via a 1-km mule track that can be traveled only by 4x4 jeep, or on foot from the hamlet of Lura, with a very pleasant half-hou...

A donkey for a friend

Approach and direct knowledge of the donkey

Località Alpe di, 22028 Blessagno CO, Italia

1 hours

Animal Friends

Adults 1
Guys 0
Children 0


Included services and info


Italiano, Inglese

In case of bad weather

L'attività non viene svolta in quanto è all'aperto.

What is needed

Scarponcini e abbigliamento da montagna.

Pets allowed

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Agriturismo Le Radici


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