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Trek & Taste - Guida AIGAE

Authorized Companion

What we are going to do

A wonderful hike to discover the ancient Bitto mountain pastures where cheese is still made according to ancient Celtic techniques. This will be followed by a cheesemaking experience to see how freshly milked milk becomes one of the most precious cheeses, which stoically withstands modernization. We will then taste local products, from mascherpa to sciatt and pizzoccheri, in a hut where human contact and smiles still rule. We will admire the ancient alpine pastures that have been restored to survive this historical legacy among the Orobie. We will enjoy the sunset from the alpine pastures and ...

Cheesemaking experience in the Bitto Valleys

Discovering the present and past history of the famous Bitto cheese

Albaredo per San Marco, SO

8 hours


Adults 16+ 1
Children 11+ 0


Included services and info


Accompaniment with AIGAE Environmental Hiking Guide

What is needed

High hiking boots with soles with good grip; poles recommended; backpack with water supplies (at least 1 l each) and snacks; onion-size clothing according to season; rain cape in case of unstable weather or summer thunderstorms; sunscreen and sun hat; head flashlight required.


Italian, English, French

Pets allowed

Dogs required to be on leash due to the presence of wildlife and with respect for the experience and other participants. Contact Guide.

Meeting point

23010 Albaredo per San Marco SO, Italia

The meeting is in the small square in Albaredo where the bar is located.


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Trek & Taste - Guida AIGAE

Authorized Companion

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