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What we are going to do

With the "Box Oro" we conclude the Veneto Experience of spring in joy. Starting at 7 p.m., we will spend happy hours at the Casa di Caccia di Monastier di Treviso, including music, dancing and flavors.The music: from 7 to 8:30 p.m., jazz entertainment with Trio Mamiki (piano, trumpet and vocals). The flavors: after the concert, dinner with seasonal risotto tasting at the special price of 20€. The prizes: to follow, great Gustonauts raffle and Game Merawilia award ceremony. And then, from 10 p.m., off to the dance night with DJ set... Please no...

Box Gold art music tastes and dances at the "House of Hunting"

Conclusion of the Veneto Experience Merawilia with taste and lots of music

Monastier di Treviso, TV

5 hours


Participants 1


Included services and info


Italian, English

Pets allowed

Meeting point

Via Pisani, 12, 31050 Monastier di Treviso TV, Italia


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