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Ariadne's Labyrinth

A path that is a work of art

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Where is


98070 Castel di Lucio ME, Italia (800m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

It is located on the top of a hill. It may seem strange, in the midst of nature, to come face to face with a concrete serpentine. Perhaps, at first glance. But if you look at it a bit in the distance, immersing it in the landscape around it, you realize that despite everything, it is perfectly integrated into its environment. The entrance looks like a tall, narrow ogive and leads into a spiral path. This labyrinth, unlike the ones we are used to, has no forks. There are no choices to be made, no possibility of getting lost. One follows the path that, winding around itself, takes us to the center.

Why it is special

It seems like a nonsense, a labyrinth with a unique path. What about getting lost and finding yourself? Well, actually, to find oneself, it is not necessary to get physically lost. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the cities in which we live, the hectic pace, obstacles or sorrows, disorient us and lead us to live as if in a different dimension distant from ourselves. In these cases, what we need is a soft, enveloping path that guides and cradles us, giving us the calm we need to bring all the pieces together and become ourselves again.

Not to be missed

To find the center again, to land at a sense of peace, to return to the basics. Whatever motive you give to your path, you will find it at the end of the labyrinth, and no, it is not a metaphor. The serpentine descends level, bit by bit, taking you to an open-air chamber that holds a tree, an olive tree. At the end of the concrete, nature returns. Strong, elegant, a symbol of peace. There's no denying it, you couldn't have chosen a better tree.

A bit of history

We have not yet mentioned that Ariadne's Labyrinth is a sculpture by artist Italo Lanfredini. As he himself recounts, the labyrinth project was born in 1987 as a result of winning a competition announced by patron Antonio Presti, the creator of the Fiumare d'Arte project. Upon arriving at the place that would host his work, Castel di Lucio, two things struck Lanfredini: the labyrinthine streets of the village and the Greek culture that one breathes in Sicilian archaeological sites. These two suggestions merged together and led, a year later, to the actual realization of the labyrinth.


Ariadne's Labyrinth is the most expensive work among those in the Fiumare d'Arte project. The last part of the route to the construction site is very steep, and this forced the concrete mixers that carried the concrete to travel only by half load, effectively doubling the transportation time and expense. Fortunately, it was worth it!

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Alessandra Lana

I find it fascinating how Italo Lanfredini has managed to make concrete and the environment coexist, breaking down the barriers between the human world and the natural world.


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