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Five good reasons to visit Tresnuraghes

A journey through the history, spirituality and culture of Planargia

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Where is Tresnuraghes located?

Tresnuraghes is a town in the province of Oristano that borders the towns of Magomadas, Sennariolo, Flussio, Scano Montiferro, and Cuglieri. The center of the town is located on top of a rise, and is presented to the eye as a collection of low houses gathered around the parish church of San Giorgio Martire. There are, however, a number of hamlets in Tresnuraghes that reach out to the coast and the beautiful Sardinian sea, allowing visitors to experience both inland and coastal life. In such a rich territory, here are 5 things not to miss when visiting Tresnuraghes.

1. A village visit: the parish church and the spirituality of Tresnuraghes

Protagonist of all views of the village is the parish church of San Giorgio Martire. It stands out among the low houses with its two bell towers and dome, allowing even the most distracted visitor to find his or her way back to the historic center. The church we see today dates back to 1835 and was rebuilt on an earlier structure. One of the best times to visit it is in April, during the patron saint's festival.

Those who wish to delve further into the sacred art collected in Tresnuraghes and the saints to whom the population is devoted can visit the other churches in the village. There are several, including San Lorenzo, with its stone facade, and Santa Croce, small and with a beautiful lobed rose window.

2. Good wine does not lie: face to face with Malvasia

So many churches in the village are synonymous with so many festivals, all accompanied by good food and good wine. Tresnuraghes lies within theproduction area of Malvasia di Bosa DOC, and is therefore one of the best places to enjoy a good glass of this wine.

3. Ancient history and archaeology: in the footsteps of the nuragic civilization

As in other Planargia municipalities, Tresnuraghes has no shortage of examples of ancient architecture. Nuraghi, domus de janas, dolmens, tombs of the giants and betili, a kind of small altars embedded in the ground formed from stones. The very name of the municipality suggests that in ancient times there were three nuraghi in the area of the settlement. Today, two of these are completely lost, of the third remains some traces. In addition to this, 22 other sites with remains of nuraghi of different types have been surveyed in the municipality.

4. The Deriu Museum, a journey through nineteenth-century Tresnuraghes.

A simple but elegant white house holds a surprise. It is Casa Deriu, home of the museum of the same name, which on the second floor tells what life was like for a local middle-class family in the 1800s. Among furniture, everyday objects and period clothing, it is possible to step into those years. A staircase leads to the second floor, and here's the real surprise: here the press is celebrated. Antique magazines and periodicals are displayed in this room of the museum, giving rise to one of the most important collections of this kind in Sardinia.

5. The sea and coastal towers

Some localities in the municipality of Tresnuraghes reach as far as the sea. Foghe locality, located at the mouth of the Rio Mannu, Columbargia locality, and Ischia Ruggia locality are magical places thanks to the beauty of the Sardinian sea and the striking coastal towers that still peer over the horizon. The coastal towers were built in Aragonese times to defend against Saracen raids. Remaining in operation until 1842, today they crown cliffs and inlets as authentic queens of the sea.

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