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Broom Day

The ancient traditions of Calabria

  • Half day

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Sognare Insieme Viaggi

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What we are going to do

Feel like discovering one of Calabria's ancient weaving traditions? Let us take you on a full-day experiential dedicated to the artisanal processing of broom fiber. You will follow all stages of processing: harvesting (on a path of about 2 km), sorting, boiling, stripping and pounding until you get the tow. You will also have the opportunity to watch and practice the next steps: spinning, loom warping, hand weaving and obtaining artifacts. A typical outdoor lunch is provided at the end of the experience. We offer this activity every Friday throughout the summer, from June to September.

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by €49.00 per person

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Sognare Insieme Viaggi

Tour Operator / Travel Agency

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